Kitchen Gardens

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Syllabus links

Teachers can link their kitchen garden activities to a broad range of student learning outcomes to ensure integration of their program into the school curriculum.

Syllabus mapping

A mapping of syllabus outcomes across the KLAs has been completed by NSW Curriculum and Learning Innovation Centre to assist schools in programming.

A food-centred curriculum

Kathleen Gannon from Carlingford West Public School won a Premier's Energy Australia Environmental Education Scholarship. Her report describes how school kitchen gardens can lead to more sustainable schools and communities.

Report (213KB, pts_gannon_kitchengardens.pdf)

A hot house has been built using large plastic drink bottles.  The bottom of the bottle is cut off and a threaded onto a plastic pole. Each pole is then screwed to the frame of the hothouse making up the walls and the roof.

This hot house is growing seedlings and is constructed with re-used plastic drink bottles.
Photo courtesy of Barooga Public School